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คำถาม: Question: "What are the good points of building a structure of aluminium material? Does it cost less than iron steel?"
คำตอบ: Answer:

Aluminium structure is much stronger than iron steel. Considering its weight, aluminium structure is neither a burden to the original structure of the building nor a cause of subsidence. Therefore, aluminium structure is most suitable for decorative or extensive work in order to maintain maximum safety. As well, with its features of flat surface, clarity in shape and angle, and ready-made colors from the factory, aluminium is the most elegant and most durable material in the present time. Even though its price is triple that of iron steel, it is much worth your investment because aluminium structure will stay with the original structure of your house through time.

คำถาม: Question: How long will it be staying in use?
คำตอบ: Answer:

Aluminium structure is rust-resistant, it can stay in use as long as the life of your house. As for the roofing material, it is going to be in use for about 10 years at the maximum without any problems from breakages or light past through it.

คำถาม: Question: What do you choose for roofing materials?
คำตอบ: Answer:

It is polyglass which is four-time lighter than authentic glass. Also, its endurance to hitting force is far better than glass, about 250 times. Thus, flying stone or steel cannot break it. Also, its safest feature withstands heat, and hardly causes the spread of fire.

คำถาม: Question: I've heard that the polyglass is heat-block. Is its quality better than other glasses and why?
คำตอบ: Answer:

Nowadays, the heat-block quality enables the roofing material to most efficiently prevent the heat. That is to say, it is not only a light filter, but it also blocks and reflects the UV rays (infrared light), approximately similar to a light filter no. 80. Importantly, the set-up area should be well-ventilated; otherwise, heat can be accumulated, raising the temperature.

คำถาม: Question: What is the proper method to clean the roof when birds' droppings and fallen brushwood hide its beauty?
คำตอบ: Answer:

During rainy season, cleaning is not necessary because rain will naturally clean the dirt on the roof surface. In dry season, you can use a hose with high water pressure to clean the roof. Also, a benefit of using heat-block quality is to make dirt less visible.

คำถาม: Question: I'm afraid that cleaning the roof with a hose of high water pressure does not work with dry droppings that last for a long time. How about having roofing coated with nano chemical on the surface, can it help?
คำตอบ: Answer:

Do not worry if first rain cannot get rid of dirt totally. It rains quite often during rainy season. Rains will finally remove dry droppings. Also, the surface of roofing is made of plastic which is smooth and glossy. Since the surface is not porous (unlike ceramic glass), the chemical coating is not needed.

คำถาม: Question: Will the roofing surface be covered with moss after a long use?
คำตอบ: Answer:

Because the roofing material is a solid sheet, no vacuum to let anything come inside. The dirt appears only on the surface, using a hose to wash away the dirt will do. When it rains, rains will do the cleaning for you.

คำถาม: Question: Can you tell us the thickness range of aluminium? Also, at a joint area between two walls, what can you do to prevent leaks?
คำตอบ: Answer:

The thickness of aluminium that we use ranges from 1.0 to 3.0 mm., depending on design and application. For example, aluminium used for making poles is thicker than those used for making slats. Also, the more distance a beam is laid , the more thickness aluminium should be. Our work is made-to-order, taking safety, durability, beauty and worthiness into our consideration. The processes of work are supervised by our professional engineers. After the completion of work, we continue taking care of customers during a two-year warranty period covering problems occurred from the set-up structure and from any leaks or seepages. Every piece of materials, even a small piece like nuts and bolts, is carefully selected for its premium quality as much as it is available in the market.

คำถาม: Question: Even though the roofing glass looks elegant, is it safe enough?
คำตอบ: Answer:

The polyglass is four-time lighter than authentic glass. It can endure hitting force much more than real glass about 250 times. Flying stones or steel rarely cause it any damages. You can rest assured its highest safety. As well, it scarcely spreads fire.

คำถาม: Question: A heavy rain falling on the roof can cause a loud noise, can't it?
คำตอบ: Answer:

The hitting sound from rain is faintest, compared with other translucent materials that are not real glass. The sound will not disturb your living because the substance is solid. Furthermore, it is acted excellently as sound insulation.

คำถาม: Question: how much strength is the structure made from aluminium?
คำตอบ: Answer:

The aluminium structure is not only strong, but it is also lightweight. Actually, aluminium is more robust than iron steel and concrete, compared with their weight loaded. Obviously, mag wheels and the expensive Europe car’s chassis are made from aluminium sheets. Even the base of a plane’s wheels that support extremely high hitting force is made from aluminium.

คำถาม: Question: What is the polyglass?
คำตอบ: Answer:

It is artificial plasitc-made glass, made from high quality of engineered thermoplastics, i.e. Bayer “Makrolon” [Polycarbonate]. Its strength and safety levels are fortified. The material is suitable for over-head installation work because it is four-time lighter than real glass, safer and unbreakable. Please check the following link: https://youtu.be/jgoFQrnrJx4, for example of its application. Makrolon is a trademark of Bayer for its products in category of Polycarbonate. It is obvious that the material is so flexible that it is hardly broken or scratched. You can see a good example from those safety walls on the BTS platform.

คำถาม: Question: How many colors of polyglass are there?
คำตอบ: Answer:

As for heat-block polyglass, there are three colors as follows:
1. Platinum
2. Green Metallic
3. Bronze Metallic
For clear polyglass, the following three colors are available:
1. Green
2. Bronze
3. Extra Clear

คำถาม: Question: What are the color choices for aluminium structure available at the moment?
คำตอบ: Answer:

There are two standard colors you can choose, including Anodize Flat Black and Powder Coating White.
Asides, there are three specially-ordered colors, which are powder coating, as follows:
Aztec Gary-Sahara Effect
Texture Gray-Sahara Effect
Texture Brown-Sahara Effect

คำถาม: Question: Are there any choices of roofing materials?
คำตอบ: Answer:

Our services cover all types of roofing materials, such as metal-sheet, vinyl, translucent small wave, polygall, etc. However, for the decorative and exhibiting work, we recommend you polyglass as the best choice. Also, it is the most popular material in the market right now.

คำถาม: Question: I see two long chains hung down from both sides of the roof edge, what are they used for?
คำตอบ: Answer:

They are “Rain Chains” for the use of lessening the hitting force of falling rains. Also, it is regarded as a unique roofing decoration, enhancing beauty and creating a pleasant atmosphere when rain goes down through them. Besides, customers can choose either rain chains or vinyl pipes leading water to cesspools, depending on their preference.

คำถาม: Question: Is the white structure prone to get dirty easily?
คำตอบ: Answer:

It is certain that rain stains on white material are more visible. Nonetheless, the aluminium surface is smooth and slippery; thus, cleaning becomes an easy stuff, simply use soft wet cloth and rub it on the surface. You will feel surprised when the cleaning makes it look as new as originally installed. Also, rain stains can only appear on the external part that is touched by rain, the internal part is unaffected, and cleaning is unnecessary.