It’s so expensive. The capital cost shouldn’t be that high.
We confirm you that we’ve delivered premium quality products to you. In the market of premium quality products, as we are the leader, we have no wishes to be in price competition with others. Many customers are happy to return to us when they need an extension work, as well as telling their friends and relatives about our premium quality products and services. Asides, our service teams of technicians and engineers are trained and professional. It can be said that they per se originate our premium quality products. Also, they all are the company’s employees because we are not interested in sub-contracts or outsources. Even though our labour capital is a lot higher than standand, we are proud to give a contribution to the development of human resources, and to generate professionally qualified people for the country. Our customers can rest assured that our services and products are worth their investment.

Based on this photo, how much does it cost?
You can simply multiply the width by the length and get a set-up-area size in square meter. After that, you multiply the size in square meter by the standard cost (in Baht per a square meter). The result is the estimated cost. Still, the estimated cost can be reduced or increased about 0-20%, depending upon the scope and detail of work. You are welcome to contact us for a free quotation on line. It is free of charge.

Has your quotation already covered the cost of site work? Can you tell me the scope of your services in detail?
A quotation covers the entire cost, including service cost, material cost, and transportation fee, as well as two-year guarantee period. If you decide to have a structure with poles set up, the quotation has already covered the cost of making footing and setting up poles. However, the cost of making either a gutter or slats is additional. We will clearly quote you the expenses in separation.

Will there be any more discounts if we order more products from you?
We mainly adhere to our fixed standard price. The discount rate will be calculated from the actual size of each area to be set up as well as the degree of its difficulty. Therefore, we barely offer discount from the entire cost. In other words, the more work, the more total cost, but it scarcely affects the calculation of discount.

How can I estimate the cost?
We are delighted to give you a free quotation, provided that the following information is sent to us. [Click to the page of Free Quotation]

1. Two to three site photos of the to-be-set-up areas in different angles
2. A sketch of approximate size: length and width of to-be-set-up areas (Prior to the start of site work, we will do site survey to conclude the actual size and detailed condition of the site.)
3. Housing project name and a full address of site
4. Customer name or contact person, telephone number, and E-mail address
Please send the above-mentioned information to our Line ID: fiberhouse, or to our E-mail: [email protected]