Glasshouse Aluminium

A perfect option for extra space that doesn’t cause uncomfortable ambience or obstruct the vista outside, Alunive Glass House flawlessly adds a modern look to the building. This highly strong aluminum alloy frame system is lightweight. Responding to the needs of renovation project that doesn’t allow structure alteration, our glass house doesn’t burden the existing building. For example, rooftop terrace or the extension external kitchen, study room, sitting room, living room or storage, which are not designed to bear much weight due to the lack of original proper footing or suitable building structure.

Aluminium Glass House expands spaces with no impact on building structure. With a special design technique, our aluminum frame is highly strong, but comes with 3-5 times lighter weight than metal, proving to be an ideal option for buildings that are not originally prepared for extension or without suitable footing. The skylight uses safety glass-substitute sheet, which is transparent but heat-resistant. Made with high quality Makrolon plastic beads, the sheet is ¼ lighter than typical glass-like sheets. Offering maximum security with double breakage-free safety glass-substitute sheets to prevent intrusion. Structure and form are specially designed to fit each project. Our glass room offers a great variety of styles for limitless purposes, suiting well with all parts of building.

Clear Wall Outdoor Partition  separates spaces, prevent splashes of rain, protect residents from dust, insects and undesirable animals. Adding an eye-catching modern look to the building, the rust-free aluminum frame is also lightweight and durable against sunlight and rain. The frame comes in a dashing color that lasts long without fading. Double breakage-free safety glass-substitute sheets protect the room from intrusion. In case of being smashed, the sheet will remain in one piece with no fallout to prevent injuries. Not only hard to break in, but Clear Wall is also preventing the room against UV rays and is insulating the room from external voices. Instead of awning, our Clear Wall is an ideal alternative to protect your spaces.

• We use only light aluminum frame that doesn’t cause the extension’s subsidence.
• Concerning any possible subsidence and long-term use, we separately design independent structure from existing building and join them with rabbet joint technique to prevent future leakage or cracks.
• The structure suits construction of living room, party room, activity room, glass house, green house, car showroom, garden storage and pet room. Installation can begin right away. Thanks to its ultra light structure, customers don’t have to spend much with ground preparation or footing.
• Fiber House offers a comprehensive NERV Smart Footing service that features clean and orderly working procedures. No drilling. No machinery. Routine life or neighbors are not disturbed. Forget about conventional construction. Let Fiber House fulfil your imagination with our advanced innovation and impeccable service standard.