NERV Smart Footing

Spread footing system anchors the ground as if it is a taproot of a big tree. Able to bear the weight and circulate across wide areas. Spread footing system is tolerable to weight and pressure from all directions, such as loading weight, staggering force and uplift force. Our spread footing system outstands other footing systems of similar size.

Deck Footing Support or spread footing for decking system is a highly efficienct footing system. Particularly serving the support of decks, our deck footing is lightweight. We assure a clean project site with no impacts on the environment. Installation can be made regardless of ground condition. Our deck footing can be built on any area that is accessible and can bear full weight immediately when finished. No need to wait for footing to anchor with the ground for months like conventional or hexagonal footing.

Patio Footing & Roofing Structure Footing or spread footing for patio is a highly efficient footing system particularly built for the support of patio structure or outdoor room. Installation is fast and clean. No drilling. No impacts on neighbors. Ready to use upon completion. Able to build even on narrow lot. Fiber House assures you of speed and quality.

• Light footing innovation with high efficiency serves all extension projects. Clean site. Rapid progresses.
• No impacts on the environment and daily life. No drilling. No machinery.
• Suit occupied houses or narrow area with difficulties to station large footing system or heavy machinery.