External Louvers/Sunshade

As a feast for the eyes, louvers enhances the building’s aesthetic, while adding privacy. Not totally blocking flow, but a good ventilation is still ensured. Help to reduce the accumulation of heat from sunlight, our louvers fit perfectly with hot-humid region and can be used on any part of the building.

Aluminium Louvers serves external uses. Prevent splashes of rain, yet not blocking flow. Allowing good ventilation, while giving an outdoor mood. Not giving an uneasy feeling or dampness, our louvers fit the use in external kitchen, parking space or storage. Fiber House offers custom design that suits each project site to ensure customer’s requirements are well served. Able to adjust the size of free area as needed to fit all project site. Entire frame system is aluminum, so our louvers are rust-free through years of use. Weighing 3-5 times lighter than metal. Installation is done using bolts and screws. No welding. No painting. The project site is kept clean and unburdened. Rapid finishing time.

Privacy Screens and Façade Allocate private space that is airy and comfortable with great ventilation. Be it louvered wall, garden partition, wall decoration, our privacy screen is unique with heat preventing attributes. Particularly custom to fit each project site, the design serves all imaginations. The distinctively lightweight aluminum frame is rust free and durable against outdoor weather. Not only come in pretty shades, but our privacy screens also feature beautiful and grainy textures that resemble real wood. Termite free. Humidity resistant. Not bending. The structure requires no maintenance. The weight is 3-5 times lighter than metal and thus not burdening the building structure.

• Create a private space with louvers, aluminum louvers, screens, sunshade, louvered wall, aluminum rain screens, air compressor cover, rain-preventing eave, door and window screens or aluminum shutter. Serving as aluminum façade louvers, the overlay helps to prevent and reduce heat for the west-facing space.
• The aluminum alloy undergoes color coating procedures right from the factory. Durable against outdoor weather conditions. Always the top option for external louvers, the material is durable against consistent sunlight and rain. Generally suiting areas that are not easy to access for service, cleaning or painting.
• This aluminum alloy frame is highly strong, but is 3-5 times lighter than metal. Rust-free. Termite-free. The material is not bending like real wood, so installation areas are unlimited. Offering maximum safety, our unique material isn’t burdening existing building structure.