Technical & Design

How can it endure the harsh weather like rains and wind?
Aluminium structure is a lot lightweight. Also, it is most robust, firmly set up in very secure position. Our products are built-in and designed in particular to customers’ needs. Being aware of Thailand’s rain and wind force, we can work in every part of Thailand, both in Bangkok and provinces, even open areas blown with strong wind like those in Udonthani, Krabi, Bangsaen, Sriracha, Chantaburi. Apart from that, our work includes those set up on the 33rd-floor balcony of a condomenium, nearby a seashore, and on the roof-top. It clearly illustrates how effecient aluminium structure can be, enduring the harsh weather. (Exceptionally, we hardly gaurantee its quality in any state of natural disasters)

How can you manage to fasten the aluminium structure with the original structure of the building since we hardly see any nuts and bolts?
In order to enhance the most excellent result, all nuts and bolts are hidden from sight. Not any concrete anchors appear to offend the eye. Therefore, the new structure looks as though it nicely grows out of the concrete, creating an exceptional beauty while maintaining a strong structure. Our system of making joints and connection is registered with a license under FIBER HOUSE. In other words, our innovation is protected by patent law and legislation.

If we don’t need posts, how far a skylight can be extended?
There is no limitation. The maximum we’ve made is 5.5 m. long that requires an overhang system above. For the structure without posts or overhang system, the recommended size is 1.5-2.0 m. The bigger, the higher cost it will be. Thus, we recommend an overhang system as it’s worth your investment. However, it is important to carefully check the original structure of building in order to determine the most appropriate set-up system.

I wonder whether a skylight should be built before or after laying floor tiles?
Either way is fine because our work is clean and requires none of heavy machinery. Furthermore, there is no welding and no painting. We can work in any areas whether or not it finishes decoration, or even when the house owner has already stayed in the house since the work barely disturbs the living.

For the joints between building walls, can there be any leaks or seepages?
With our long experience and expertise in various jobs of decoration and extension, you can rest assured that we are knowledgable on the work and keep on improving our techniques and performance. Also, since our team attentively delivers the best premium quality products, we take every necessary precaution to avoid causing leaks and seepages. Although each building has its own style of design, using different materials, our main objective remains to prevent or get rid of the cause of leaks and seepages. Therefore, we offer customers a two-year guarantee to let time test the quality of our services.

Is bored pile needed?
For concrete floor, a pile can be set up any time because the concrete floor itself is acted as a spread footing. In case that the foundation is soil ground, the innovative smart footing (NERV “Smart Footing”) will be established. It is most effective, most lightweight, cleanest, as well as disturbing not surrounding environment and neighbors owing to none of heavy machinery required. Also, we can work in any geographical condition of areas, ranging from the narrow to the narrowest. Certainly, subsidence rate of the new structure is different from that of the original building because of different footing sizes between the new and the original one. Hence, we have opted for the “Floating Joint System” that is designed in particular to deal with the subsidence. Finally, the new structure barely causes any leaks and damages to your house.

Can it tolerate the severe storm?
Making a safe and strong structure is our priority. You can rest assured that our work is designed to deal with Thailand’s strong wind and rains. By far, there are not any problems coming from our set-up structure. Our work includes those that are set up on the roof-top, on the 33rd-floor balcony, even an empty field in the countryside, and open area nearby the seashore. (However, we cannot give you any gaurantees in the event of natural disasters.)

As you said aluminium structure is lightweight, can strong wind cause damages to it?
Despite its lightweight, aluminium structure is firmly and securely fastened. It is designed in response to Thailand’s strong wind and rains. Safety is then guaranteed. The procedures are strictly supervised by professional engineers. P.S. metal steel structure can also be blown away in a heavy storm if it is not fastened well. We cannot overlook wind power, especially areas with dense roofs, plains, and high-rises which require especially cautious design.

I wonder if ground subsidence will demolish the skylight or not?
Our products are especially designed to cope with the problem. Therefore, applying the “Floating Joint System” has generated perfect result of structure. The system works like a pontoon floating in the water. Consequently, subsidence can neither damage the original structure of the house nor cause any seepages.

Is it possible to build a skylight that can be slided to open or to close?
In the present time, our services cover only the fixed structure. The movable structure hardly avoids causing problems in a long run. That is to explain, there can be many problems disturbing you, such as difficulties in opening and closing, being not perfectly joined when closed leading to seepages. To date, we keep on researching and developing our services and products in order to respond to our customers’ needs in the future.

My house uses precast concrete in its construction. Can you set up a skylight?
Our work is built-in, designed specifically to respond to customers’ needs. Our pattern of design can be adapted to every housing style and material. For precast-concrete houses, the limitation is the least because its property is evenly strong, except the part around the corner edge that is prone to breakages and seepages. Our engineers will provide you most appropriate design and consultation by giving priority to safety. We must say that we have worked with every type of building material like those that are made from wood, iron steel and glass.

Can a skylight be connected to a house built with autoclaved aerated lightweight concrete?
Our work is built-in. We design specifically to customers’ needs. Our products can be adaptable to all housing styles, no matter what material used. As for a house built with autoclaved aerated lightweight concrete, its structure, which is quite weak, requires a design that can transfer pressure to poles and main beam of the building. Our team of engineers are in charge of designing and giving you consultations through the process by considering safety as our priority. Aside from concrete buildings, we’ve worked with those built from wood, iron steel, and glass.

Do you also make a gutter?
We design a built-in gutter which is rust-resistant and harmonious with overall structure, as well as making its beauty outstanding while keeping a full function of utility.

What is the farthest span of laying a beam?
The economical span is not over 6.0 m. If it is longer than this, cost will be much higher. The farthest span we used to make is 8.0 m. and we are able to maintain its strength and safety.