Prefabrication Set

Fiber House features refabricated aluminum sets. Come in standard design, yet offers flexibility. Able to adjust the size to fit project site. Rust free. Lightweight. Easy to move. Fast installation reduces on-site working time. Alusidee is the best option for quality and value.

Skylight Kit Set is designed in modular system, featuring modern style, sturdiness and long life cycle. Lightweight and easy to move. Self installment can be done perfectly using proper tools. Extension can be made with extra kit sets. Able to custom the size to fit specific site. Developed by Thai engineers, Skylight Kit Set enhances the appearance of building and environment. Skylight Kit Set is the patent product of Fiber House.

Outdoor Furniture Lifetime rust-free. Made with premium grade materials, color remains vibrant through all weather conditions. Our outdoor furniture series responds to different needs, ranging from prefabricated decking system, outdoor pergola, orchid house, swimming pool pergola, cactus house, plant shelf, rust-free shelf, garden bench and outdoor table. Fiber House offers custom orders to fit customer’s requirement for size.

• We offer a great variety of innovative products, spanning prefabricated awning set, aluminum roofing set, garage set, garden pergola, swimming pool pergola, glass house, cactus house, composite decking set, outdoor furniture, outdoor table, garden bench and outdoor shelf.
• We use lightweight aluminum frame, which is sturdy and tolerable to rain and sunlight.
• Installation is swift, using bolt and screw system. Able to move with human labor. No crane required. No worries on accident risks. Fit well with any ground condition.
• Installation can be made instantly on existing structure without burdening extra weight to the building.
• Able to place on the ground. No footing required. Budget and time saving. Clean site. No impacts on routine life.