While your teams are working on the site, can they maintain the original condition of floor tiles and wall color? I’m just afraid that your work may cause damages to floor tiles and wall color.
Our work uses nuts and bolts for the set-up. There is neither welding nor painting. As a result, it is clean and free of painting smell. Even those houses where their owners have resided, the work can be conducted, disturbing the least owners’ living. Moreover, we continue improving working procedures in every possible way, as well as learning to elevate working standard. For example, shockproof rubber is firmly attached to every leg of scaffolds to protect floor from being scratched. However, in case that any accidental damages occurred, we will be responsible for either compensation or repairs.

Is it convenient for you to do site survey first and give us a quotation after that? I want to have skylights set up in many areas.
It is our pleasure to make an appointment with you for a site survey. It can be on weekdays or weekends. Please set an appointment in advance through our hot line number 085-108-4410. (There is a service charge which is taken as a deposit and becomes a discount when you agree to our services.) Otherwise, you can opt for a free quotation on line. There is none of service charge in this regard.

Will you take a small job? Do you have any conditions on the minimum size of area to work?
There is no limitation of work volume. We are ready and happy to provide you our services, no matter how big or small the work is.

Is your site work limited only in Bangkok?
No, it isn’t. Distance is not an obstacle. We are ready to reach you no matter how far you are. For example, provinces where we’ve been to include Chonburi, Bangsaen, Sriracha, Chantaburi, Udonthani, Nakorn Ratchasima, and Krabi. Even though our team is located in Bangkok, we are prompt to give you services, providing that you will cover an addtional cost of transportation fee and demurrage.

Where can I find your sample work?
Mostly, we work in private places. Nevertheless, some are public places where their updates are available on our website. You can find a data bank of our products from the following link [Click to Product Data Bank], or our Hot Line no. 085-108-4410.

Are there any 3D perspective patterns given to us before the start of site work?
For every project we take, there is a 3D perspective design of the actual pattern to be set up. Our customers will have some ideas on the finished product. Hence, you don’t need to imagine about the result and we can share the same understanding on the pattern of design. Also, you will be the one to determine the final design since before the start of site work, we require customers’ approval to the design. Certainly, the finished product will look much better than the 3D perspective that you will not get disappointed.

How long will it take for the site work?
The period of work varies from a small work like setting up a conopy at one point which can be finished in a day, to large-scale and complicated work which requires much longer time to complete the work, perhaps more than a month. Once we launch the site work, we will continue it until the completion.

When will you be ready to start the site work?
Normally, the site work can start in about 30-60 days after your deposit payment is made. Significantly, it depends on the volume of work at the time of your confirmation, too.

Do your services cover changing roofing materials on the existing structure?
Yes, we are happy and ready to give you our services. You can send us site photos and sketched sizes to request for a quotation. [Click to the page Free Quotation]

Will you make repairs to any leaks that happen to the original structure?
To repair seepages of the original structure, the most appropriate way is to contact your former technician who did the job. However, in case that the technician cannot solve the problem or they cannot be reached anymore because problems are mostly induced from defections in design and its construction since the beginning of work, which are difficult to tackle. It is more worthwhile for you to have the old removed and replaced with a new one.

Will you make repairs to the subsidence or breakage of the old structure?
We are glad to give our services no matter how difficult the work is. Our service team comprised of experienced technicians and professional engineers are ready to serve you. However, repairs to the old structure usually cost a lot more than building a new one. Many times when calculating the pros and cons of repairs, it is wiser to get the old one removed and replaced with a new structure since it is worth your investment more.