Gate & Fence

Premium materials are lifetime rust-free. Color coating by the factory guarantees a decade-long vivid beauty. As an excellent option for outdoor use, our Aluminum Fence is tolerant to Thailand’s extreme weather conditions. Come with modern form and stylish design, the fence features genuine aluminum frame and laths throughout.

Aluminium Gate & Entrance An great alternative for those who can’t tolerate rusty metal, but also dislike a shining look of stainless steel. Our aluminum gate is lifetime rust-free. Come in a beautiful shade and smooth touch, the gate offers a variety of colors, plus a decent options of wood grain patterns. Durable. No cracking. No maintenance required. Suit the use under rain and shine. Installation parts are of premium grade. Best for outdoor uses. Our priority to achieve ideal gate system is quality and life cycle.

Aluminium Fence Striking and elegant throughout. Durable against rain and shine. Rust free. Our aluminum frame innovation can retain its vivid color with no cracks. Installation is built-in. Design varies to fit project site, as well as to answer customer’s needs and imagination. Our expertise is well proven with a numerous array of premium work samples. Fiber House knows it all about outdoor aluminum structures that fulfil every need for a loving home.

• The entire aluminum frame is incredibly light compared to metal fence. Opening and closing is effortless. Swift slide and easy to handle.
• Sliding fence ensures optimum safety from gate collapse accidents with the weight of 3-5 times lighter than metal. Wheeling system comes with supporting upper wheels to prevent gate collapse.
• Swinging fence features high quality rust-free aluminum hinge system and premium grade Morris Lock system with double triggers particularly suiting outdoor use.
• Louvered fence and aluminum fence are built-in. We measure the dimension in detail, spanning size, corners, vertical, horizontal and parallel values, before cutting the materials to ensure perfect fit with actual site dimension.
• Invest in gate and fence to impress your guests. Add a glimpse of luxe to the building with distinctive and modern gate system that lasts.
• Create the design that answers your different needs, ranging from sliding gate, swinging gate, garden door, louvered wall, swimming pool wall, dog gate, banister to modern gate.