Skylight with Aluminum Frame

Patented work by Fiber House, modern canopy and awning with aluminum frames are rust-free and light weight. Responding to the needs of contemporary building renovations, the structure features elegance and weather tolerance, aesthetic and durability. Minimum care is required, proving aluminum can be stronger than expected with the design of our uniquely innovative conjoining parts.

Aluminium Carport Skylight Being seen as the most eye-catching furniture, a garage can enhance a house’s image with its luxury and modern vibes. Our purpose-built garage protects your car from harsh sunlight and rain. Not only not accumulate heat, but our garage system also does not look dark inside. Design particularly to fit each house, our custom garage can blend well into all house styles or sizes, and either with or without columns. Fiber House uses our expertise and attention to detail to find a perfect garage solution for customers. For example, the Floating Joint System is used to automatically compensate the subsiding distance. No worries about ground subsidence, wall cracks or leakage. Conjoining with main building is completed with best care. We sort materials and select the method that fits best with main building. Basing on the style of existing building, we have more than 100 types of wall plug, bolts and screws to choose from.

Skylight Canopy Aluminium Structure Our patent aluminum frame features uniquely hidden joint connections under the structure. Incredibly strong, durable and pleasing to the eyes, the structure is 3-5 times lighter than metal and not dragging the existing building structure. Available with or without columns, the frame offers unlimited overhanging distance. Custom to fit each project site, we make the right structure that fits customer’s needs and blends into the existing building’s form and structure. Fiber House offers built-in installation system. We measure, cut the materials piece by piece on site to ensure they fit right with the building’s proportion. Only premium grade materials are used, including the crack-free safety glass-substitute sheet, as well as best grade bolts, plugs, rubber seal, silicone and parts. Fiber House sources all materials at our best to ensure optimum quality for customers.