Outdoor Decking 

As a rust-free aluminum decking system, Alunive Floor Decking System delivers luxury vibes. Prove the quality and value with the life cycle that lasts up to the age of your house. The system is ultra lightweight and can be lifted by one person to make underground service easier.

Terrace Decking and Garden Decking  Make your dream outdoor recreational space a reality. Enjoy natural ambience. Create an elevated space surrounding your house in a stylish way. Impress your guests with striking outdoor terrace decking that is rust free and damp resistant, such as swimming pool deck, fish pond deck. Non slippery. No swelling. No cracks. Easy to care.

Pergola Decking Aluminium Structure  features an entire aluminum frame system. Lightweight. Rust-free. Only premium grade parts and materials are meticulously sourced. Composite wood decking boasts a feel of natural wood. No accumulation of heat. Allow you to enjoy walking barefoot. Easy to care. Long life cycle. Built-in installation by our experienced staff with highest attention to detail.

• Despite of round-the-clock exposure to underground damp or splashes from swimming pool or fish pond, this rust-free aluminum frame system will free you from rust problems. No maintenance required.
• Premium grade WPC composite decking doesn’t accumulate heat like fiber cement decking. You can walk barefoot on this non-slippery deck, even when with wet foot. The surface has the beauty of grainy surface like real wood. Coloring pigment prevent future cracks. Sturdy and sticky. Breakage free. Termite resistant. No bending. Durable against sunlight and rain.
• Especially designed for outdoor uses, such as garden decking, terrace decking, front door deck, pergola deck, swimming pool deck, fish pond deck, pavement, etc.
• As a spread footing system, NERV Smart Footing strongly supports the structure with high efficiency. Lightweight and clean project site. No drilling. No impacts on the environment. Fit well with limited ground space. No worries on subsidence or inclination. No bending. Breakage free. If you seek a flawless and top quality decking system, look for Floor Decking System by Fiber House.