Purchase Method

I’m interested in your products, what’s the first procedure?
The first way is to request for a free quotation on line which is free of charge, given that you send us the following information. [Click into page Free Quotation]
1. Two to three site photos in different angles.
2. A sketched size of approximate length and width in meter of the area to be set up
3. Name of housing project and the full address
4. Name of the customer or contact person with telephone number and e-mail address for our communication
Please send all information to e-mail: [email protected], or to Line ID: fiberhouse, or to FB Inbox.
The second way is an on-site service.
We are glad to arrange an appointment with you for a site survey on both weekdays and weekends. We will go to site, take photos, show you samples of materials, and collect our agreeable points. After concluding information obtained on site, we will finalize a quotation and send it to you. (The on-site service charges you 3,000 baht which is taken as a deposit and becomes a discount when there is finally a deal between us.)

How can we fix a time for my site work?
Once you complete a deposit payment, we will set and block the schedule of your site work. In other words, queues are arranged in chronological order of deposite-payment date.

How can I know that I won’t be cheated after I make the payment?
Primarily, we are doing business based on mutual trust between our customers and us; hence a verbal agreement is sufficient to make a deal. Then, paper work is purely represented as a record for future contact. For your benefit, you will have to examine a company’s credibility by considering the following points: whether photos in advertisement are authentic or copied from somewhere else (you can check watermark on photos); whether photo color is real or decorated; whether or not photos of products are constantly updated in order to clearly see development on work since the volume of work significantly points out the level of work experience; whether or not the profile of communication with customers found in any channels of social media shows a company’s care for customers; in what year the company is registered; whether or not it is registered under Vat system; whether it can issue you a Vat receipt; whether or not contents posted on websites sound interesting; and for your exchanging conversation on telephone with a company, whether every enquiry of yours are clearly and positively responded. After all consideration to the above-mentioned points, you will find that FIBER HOUSE is a leading company in the current market with high credibility, gauranteed by the number of customers who entrust us with the work. Some of them return to us when extension work is needed, as well as suggesting our services to their friends and relatives. All of these factors assert our customers’ satisfaction from our services which are worth every baht they spend.

Can I pay by credit card?
In the present time, the payment method is only remittance into bank accounts. We will not accept payment by credit card because of banks’ service charge. Even if many banks state that there is no charge, they indirectly charge money from customers. Considering the pros and cons of payment by credit card, it is not worth the accummulated score. Moreover, we discourage our customers from over-spending and being in debt since we cherish the principle of Sufficient Economy.

Can you tell me how to make payment to you?
Payment is to be made by money transfer into our bank accounts only. Once the transfer is completed, please kindly notify us. After checking the remittance, we will issue you a receipt which is to be sent on line to you within 3 days. The original receipt will be sent to you by postal mail.

Can payment be divided into several installments?
Yes, it can. Division of payment is based on the condition stipulated in quotations. Also, it rests upon total cost and satisfied agreement between two parties (our customers and the company). The standard division of payment can be either 50-50% transfer or 30-40-30% tranfer.

When should payment be made, whether right after I agree to your services or just before the start of site work?
If it is convenient for you, the payment transfer can immediately be processed because our working procedures will begin right after your deposit payment is collected. Also, we will promptly settle the site work schedule with you. As for 3D perspective design, it will be sent to you in about 14 days prior to the start of site work.