We’d like to express our gratitude for your support and confidence in our services and products. We affirm that we will continue to serve you with high quality product and performance. That is to say, you can rest assured that even a small piece of material like nuts and bolts, its premium quality is selected as best as it is available. Also, our service teams comprised of skilled technicians and professional engineers are readily in charge of generating considerably long-lasting utilization and durably elegant look.

In order to confirm our sincerity and to clarify that our company plays a leading role in creating products of premium quality, our policies on warranty are stipulated as follows:

  1. The warranty period is two year long in maximum, starting from the date of work completion which is indicated on the sticker attached to the product.
  2. The warranty takes care of roofing leaks that come from a defect in our performance. However, any leaks caused by a defect in the original construction of building are excluded.
  3. The warranty covers any damages and deficiencies in structural problem originated from our defective performance.
  4. We is responsible for labor cost, material cost, as well as transportation fee in a process of repairing a deficiency that is occurred from our neglected performance only.
  5. The warranty does not cover problems resulted from adaptation, wrong application, natural disasters, fire, revolts, all types of accidents, erosion from chemical substance, and any other damages from one’s carelessness or benighted deeds.
  6. The warranty is only applicable to those who complete total payment, proved by an original signed receipt of final payment, in timely manner, and in line with payment regulations.
  7. The right to warranty cannot be transferred to others. Please keep the original receipt for future contact with us.
  8. Our expert teams are delighted to answer your questions about product maintenance, even after the expiration of warranty period. After the warranty, service charge of the actual cost will be proposed to your consideration.
  9. For safety and maximum benefit, you are strongly recommended to contact us for any further adaptation, extension or renovation.

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