Composite Wood How Superb? Why So Expensive?

As the outdoor decking material invented to replace real wood, fiber cement board has been the most popular choice. Made from cellulose fiber reinforced cement, fiber cement can be molded into the shape of wood board, such as SMART WOOD, CONWOOD, etc. Fiber cement is cheap, termite free, as well as easy to find and install. Not bending. Coating is easy. Able to bear load of weights. These attributes have made Fiber Cement well known as an incredible material and become a popular option. However, limitations of fiber cement have been apparent as time goes by. For example, years of use can curb the endurance and flexibility, and the material is prone to break upon shocks. Painting the fiber cement to achieve satisfactory wood grain finish is complicated and thus an experienced technician is needed. Paint can crack easily and is not tolerable to abrasion. Fiber cement panel can accumulate heat due to the composition of cement, which naturally retains heat. Here, the problem arises as the dream wood deck becomes unthinkable concrete deck. In terms of weight, fiber cement panel is thick and heavy like typical cement board. Decking structure can be affected, and so does the subsidence of overall decking system. Although manufacturers of fiber cement have tried to find the solution, such as coloring pigment system, it doesn’t compensate other weaknesses. Fiber cement offers limited choices. It fails to give a wood mood. Multi layers of coating are required, while cracks from wear and tear are noticeable, especially on areas with frequent exposure of uses. For this reason, composite wood has become an efficient replacement that solves the aforementioned problems, but it can be costly and not easy to find.

งานติดตั้งพื้นไม้เทียม Composite Wood บนโครงสร้างอลูมิเนียมปลอดสนิมน้ำหนักเบา

Wood Composite As an ideal fusion of the strength of real wood and plastic, wood composite is a combination of 40% plastic PE, 55% wood grain and 5% additive. They completely blend into one composition. Be it shade, touch and durability, wood composite gives a feel of natural wood. Owing to its coloring pigment, wood composite is the best option in terms of abrasion tolerance with no chances of paint crack. The material doesn’t retain heat. Its weight is almost similar to those of real wood. Termite free. Durable against outdoor weather condition. Easy for maintenance. No coating required. Considering the attributes suiting outdoor decking system, Fiber House chooses wood composite as one of our main materials for outdoor decking system. The premium grade CASAWOOD is the brand we trust and have used with our rust-free aluminum frame system. The structure is so ultra light that can be lifted up at ease by one person. As well, we care about underground maintenance, so only premium grade parts and material are sourced and used. No worries about subsiding, tilting or bending deck. Our composite decking system retains its beauty and durability through different seasons. No deterioration. No accumulated damp. Termite free through its life cycle. Installation is supported with our NERV Smart Footing that features light footing and clean site. No drilling. No impact on the environment.